Nordlock in México

Washers against Vibration

If you have problems with the loosening of screws in your company.

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Manufacturing and processing

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Ventajas de utilizar soluciones de bloqueo por cuña Nord-Lock


  • They maintain a high clamping force and, in this way, the function of the joint is ensured
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble with normal tools
  • The blocking function is not affected by lubrication
  • Defined and uniform friction conditions that result in a more precise preload
  • Same temperature characteristics as standard nuts/bolts
  • Reusable Nord-Lock washers do not affect the reuse of fasteners
  • The washers are hardened and can withstand and distribute large loads
  • There are available washers with enlarged outer diameter (SP) for bolts/nuts with a wide flange
  • High resistance to the corrosion
  • Can be used with bindings up to grade 12.9 (ASTM A574)
  • Totally reliable locking, even for connections with small clamping length

The tension causes the screw to self-lock


Nord-Lock wedge-locking technology secures bolted connections by tension instead of friction. The system consists of a pair of washers that have cams on the inside and radial teeth on the outside.

Nord-Lock wedge-locking products positively block the attachment of a joint subjected to vibrations or extreme dynamic loads.

Effect of block against vibration


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